Cal X. Daedrius
Cal, with Adminblade and Mirage Cloak


Alternate Past Future








Calinarius Xerxes Daedrius


Court of Admins


Canon Enforcer



High Prince of the Total Awesome Land. He is second only to The Total Immortal (and most likely Bavrok) in power.


The true origins of Cal are shrouded in mystery and the exact universe he originates from is unknown even to him. He is, however, definately human. It has been theorised that Cal may be from the future of an extinct parallel universe, and that he was sent back in time. Many believe the opposite is true, and that he originates from the past. Yet more postulate the idea that he was experimented on as a child and gifted with the ability to travel between alternate realities. All that is known as fact, is that his purpose is to eliminate Canon Breaker.

Cal - Pre TAL

Cal. as he first appeared to The Total Immortal

Regardless of the being's origin, it is known that his first recorded appearance within the Totalawesomeland was the day when the Total Immortal stopped his 3000 year meditation. However, this apparation was brief and his first meeting with his future master constituted of a simple warning: "They shall fall and the Breaker of Canon shall rise". The Total Immortal was intrigued by the mysterious Cal and the message he had brought him. He began to investigate who Cal was, and found a cryptic message which said "A Shadow Before the Dawn" which had been enscribed upom a rock as well as the name Calinarius Xerxes Daedrius.

It would be years before Cal would return to the Totalawesomeland, but The Total Immortal was prepared for the visit, as a future version of Calinarius had already forewarned him. Cal's second meeting (and Total's third) lasted longer than their previous encounter and Total informed Cal of his future visit to Totalawesomeland's past, as well as the strange markings he had found etched by a "Calinarius Xerxes Daedruis". After hearing this news, Cal made sure to go back in time and etch the name into the rock Total described, before visiting a past version of Total and telling him to expect a meeting in the near future. This now meant that the fact that Total was ready for Cal's arrival was now a paradox as was the etchings left in the rock.

Thus, when they met a fourth time (and everything was in the right order), they both knew exactly who the other was and Cal had somehow acquired the name Calinarius Xerxes Daedrius due to a temporal paradox. Cal then agreed to serve the Total Immortal as his second in command but said that he would not return until after the "Eldritch Fall".

So, when the Elves screwed up the Abyss and caused their own destruction, Cal returned to the side of his new master. However, Calinarius warned that another, even darker day was still to set foot in the Totalawesomeland. He also gave the Total Immortal more information on this threat, explaining that it would arrive soon after he had encountered it in the Tardirverse. Curious as to what this "Tardirverse" was, the Immortal One began to research the matter while Cal traveled there, to prepare for the later arrival of the Breaker of Canon.

And thus, the events of the Tardirverse unfolded. The Tardir made a summon for help, and this aid arrived in the form of Cal and The Total Immortal.


Banishment of Canon BreakerEdit

Cal has fought the beast over many Universe's, and was one of the Court members involved in the creature's banishment from Totalawesomeland. See Canon Breaker for More Details

Subjegation of SyrathEdit

As one of the Admin Court members responsible for the initial defeat of Syrath, Cal has gained the eternal ire of the beast.

Repeated Foilings of SupahEdit

Cal has aided his master many times in the perpetual task of keeping Supah in check for quite some time. How many times Cal has been responsible for the foiling of the "Evil Mastermind" is unknown. However, Supah has gained the respect of Cal, who decided to appoint him as an honourary Squire of the Admin Court (as Supah has inadvertantly helped them on many occasions).


Cal is generally a well mannered guy. He likes chillin' with the other members of the Court of Admins. He's also extremely lazy and averse to doing anything other than women. This has caused a lot of issues as he just gradually fades away from time to time.

He has also demonstrated tyrannical tendancies and can exercises his powers for fun a lot of the time. You could say that this tool is generally responsible, although he's usually more akin to a malicious demon from the nightmare dimension.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Multiversal BeingEdit

It has been noted that Cal exists exponentialy on the proability axis, and thus exists in an infinite number of universes simultaneously. This is one of the reasons he must weild the multiversal Adminblade. As a result of this, Cal can inadvertantly see flashes of alternate realities and he has the ability to freely travel between them.


Cal also exists in several dimensions outside of the ones which regular humans perceive. However, he is prone to drifting between different dimensional states, although he can control this to some degree. As he perceives time differently from a regular human, Cal can choose to make himself appear at any time he wishes, for that dimension is not linear to him. It also allows him to stop objects that have been directed towards him and can make them bend so that they never make contact.


Due to Cal being a pandimensional and multiversal being, he cannot be killed. Whenever he dies he is simply replaced by an exact copy of himself which retains all of his previous memories and experiences.


Another side effect of his bizzare primary traits, is that Cal has the power of near perfect foresight. As he can perceive all dimensions and universes at the one time he can spot patterns of events and deduce how they will play out in the reality which he currently exists in. However, this gift is also a curse, as Cal consistently has visions of a dark apocalypse, known as the War of Admins.


As a pandimensional being, he can choose to effectively stop existing in the realities that mortals perceive and then reassemble himself at a different point, thus effectively teleporting.



Mirage CloakEdit

The Mirage Cloak is the only piece of armour that Cal believes is neccesary to wear. It makes him completely intangible and displaces his true position. What people see is a ten second after image of Cal whenever he dons the armour.



The prime weapon of Cal, specifically designed to suit his needs. Cal enjoys swishing it around like a pirate, because it is a rapier.


As is the standard issue of all Court of Admins members, Cal has his own Banhammer. He rarely uses it.



The steed which Cal rides when he isn't using his teleportation powers. Fitzwilliam is an octarine coloured panther, which can somehow defy the laws of nature and fly. Cal uses Fitzwilliam to reach places that he cannot teleport to or he just rides the panther when his bored. Fitzwilliam is also a formidable warrior in his own right, having been cursed with some of the abilities that Cal possesses.



The Total ImmortalEdit

Cal is a strong ally and loyal servant of Commander Supreme. The two have ensured that the Totalawesomeland remains protected from its enemies.


An ally from another Universe.

Jackal HyenaEdit

A loyal ally. In a similar vain that your pet labrador could be considered an "ally". Basically Jackal is a servant of Cal. When he acts out, punishes him in the same way that one would scold a bad puppy.


The latest of Cal's allies, gained due to the fact that they worked together to defeat the Canon Breaker when it invaded the Totalawesomeland.


Canon BreakerEdit

A foe which he has fought countless times across numberless universes, Canon Breaker is chief amongst all of Cal's enemies.




"I am Calinarius Xerxes Daedrius! All who offend the Court shall face my wrath!"
—Cal, being rather egotistical


"Directive: Eliminate Cal"
—Canon Breaker

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